Friday, April 08, 2011

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The firing of two coaches by Gilroy head coach Alvin Harrison saw more than half the team protest today's meet with Salinas.

Updated today:

Gilroy Track Fallout
The fallout at Gilroy is embarrassing.
 Two long-time and respected assistant coaches were fired by first-year head coach and former North Salinas track star Alvin Harrison eight weeks into the season.
 Now there's a revolt among athletes and volunteers.Will the program even finish the season?
 Is Harrison, a former Olympic gold medalist, in over his head as a head coach?
 Coaching is not as simple as stepping into the blocks and outrunning opponents.
 My question is why hasn't the athletic director stepped in to create some peace? You can't coach track by yourself.
 Gilroy has a talented program spiraling in the wrong direction.
 Someone, please think about these kids. These aren't memories worth remembering.

You can check out updates at the following link:


Anonymous said...

'Carlmont' de ja vous!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't the CCS Trials and Finals scheduled for Gilroy? I think it would be kind of hard to run that meet with only one coach from the host school being available.

Albert Caruana said...

Well, CCS and track officials will run the majority of the meet but the host school does have some responsibilities.

Hopefully no problems arise.

Anonymous said...

I can't speak to Gilroy's situation, but at our school, the athletic director acts like track and cross country don't exist. The joke is if it doesn't have a ball involved, he doesn't think it's a sport. My point is that some athletic directors would rather stand by and watch the program die than dirty their hands for a sport they don't understand.

Anonymous said...

We had issues that I wont get into at our school as well. The AD said, "this is just a nuisance and I don't see a need to deal with this. Its not like people are in hear yelling and screaming and slamming doors."

Most AD's want the head coach to deal with it so they don't have to. Harrison did exactly that, he dealt with it his way. Now he needs to try and bring people in and rebuild. It happens sometimes when you get a new coach.

Track and cross country and the lesser sports are exactly that to most AD's: a nuisance. So unless the parents and athletes are yelling, screaming and slamming doors (and I mean literally) don't expect anything to change.

Anonymous said...

Who did he exactly fired? Maybe he fired these coaches so that he can create a powerhouse. He was a pro athlete so maybe he knows some that can help make Gilroy a powerhouse.

Anonymous said...

Mute point now... Harrison got DUI while in Arcadia driving a school van and got fired (though it seems reluctantly.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you. Posted link above.

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