Wednesday, April 06, 2011

New CCS Steeplechase record

Jessie Petersen ran 10:53.69 in the 3000 Steeple at San Francisco State. The time is the #4 at in California and #8 at Nationally according to Jack Sheppard at TF and N.

Here is the link:

Event 9 Women 3000 Meter Steeplechase
Name Year School Finals
1 Samantha Kearney UC Davis 10:44.81
2 Jessie Petersen RF UNITED 10:53.69
3 Erin Cawley Syracuse 10:57.61
4 Amy Schnittger Chico State 11:02.23
5 Emma Bohman Alaska Anchorage 11:03.67
6 Olivia Poblacion Oregon State 11:07.01
7 Cydney Jacobsen Idaho State 11:16.71
8 Jen Bremser Air Force 11:21.26
9 Tess Dahlgren Humboldt State 11:22.94
10 Andrea Guerra Unattached 11:26.73
11 Kasey Urman Cuesta 11:26.97
12 Shannon McVannel Chico State 11:29.20
13 Tara Krempley Southern Oregon 11:29.82
14 Hilary Sharpe Oregon State 11:48.15
15 Megan Everetts Western Oregon 12:03.35
16 Tricia Morrison Western Oregon 12:06.92
17 Mary Chepkoech Alaska Anchorage 12:16.81
18 Ariel Clark Oregon State 12:19.89
19 Chelsea Deerinck CSU Stanislaus 12:29.25
20 Christina Alcantar LA Trade Tech 12:51.65
21 Erin Burke St. Mary's (CA) 13:11.81
22 Maria Lira LA Trade Tech 14:13.33

From San Mateo County Times and Glenn Reeves and the following link:

COUNTY SPORTS NOTES:  Jessie Petersen, the two-time Central Coast Section Division I cross-country champion at Carlmont High, is running for the RF United Track Club this spring rather than for the school team. She ran the 3,000-meter steeplechase in 10 minutes, 53.69 seconds, at San Francisco State on March 25. The time is ranked No. 8 nationally and No. 4 in state history for a runner still in high school, according to RF United coach Jeff Gilkey.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great time. Hope she actually does something in college unlike the other Carlmont graduates.

XC Dad said...

Why the animosity towards Carlmont graduates?
I say good luck to anyone who can use their sport to help them get into college.

RFU Parent said...

Good idea who you are Anonymous. XC Dad is right, if running helps get you to college then you are one of the lucky ones. I've seen many CCS runners have success in college and I've also seen many great CCS runners not run well in college but they are in college getting ready for whatever the future holds. Going back 8 years here is record of Carlmont runners who ran in college:
Kyle & Drew Shackleton - UCLA - fine college careers - graduated UCLA.
Scott Campbell - Central AZ/ASU - 2 Nat'l Championships in XC at CA - graduated ASU.
Caitlin Roake - ran for CSM/attended STANFORD - NorCal JC XC Ind. Champ - graduated Stanford - currently in Africa in Peace Corps.
Greg Surh - Colorado - no running - graduating in May w/double major.
Nick Palladino - Berkeley - no running - graduating in 2012.
Mary Rhoades - NAU - raced at ASU this past weekend.
Brad Surh - Berkeley - no running - graduating in 2013.
Justine Fedronic - Stanford - 2:06 for 800 this winter.
Ben Heck - UC Riverside - raced at ASU this past weekend.
Abby Barker - Tufts - #4 girl in XC.
That is 11 kids who started running in college and 8 of those kids have finished their eligibility or are still competing. I'd say the percentage of success in college is actually pretty high for the Carlmont/RFU runners. FYI, one of the Carlmont "JV" runners, Matt Layten, who was never going to run in college instead started the Cal Poly SLO Distance Team which currently has 40 members competing in it's first year! I'd say that is giving back to the sport!

JGilkey said...

Thanks for the phone call D. I can't take any credit for the Shackleton twins, Sherie Mulroe did a great job coaching them and getting them to UCLA. I have a feeling the "Anonymous" person(s) has a grudge against me and sadly tries to get back at me by trying to put the kids down. Jealousy is very ugly 'Anonymous'. I'm very proud of all the kids I've coached whether they ended up competing in college or not. Every year at spring break and all summer the alumni come back and say hi - it's awesome to watch them move on in life. When the kids I coach go to college it's not about time or place but about growing up and hopefully figuring out what you want to do in life - the running is just a great bonus.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify - Carlmont graduates who were at some point coached by Gilkey (which both Shackleton twins were not). I actually did not see J. Gilkey actually posted here without my response.

That list you created hurts you more than helps you. Many of the Carlmont graduates have quit running, and out of the ones who kept running most did not improve.

Parent, teacher & coach all in one. said...

I think you guys are getting too worked up. These are high school kids and the focus should be on promoting fans of the sport, lifetime fitness, and most of all creating a positive high school experience. That might mean being the best you can be or earning a scholarship. For others that may mean having fun with friends or maybe even just getting some exercise.

These are kids, most of whom will not compete in college. That is the fact of any high school sport. But if they enjoyed it, maybe do a 5k one day or have a few cool stories to share with their kids then that is what it is all about.

Its great when you have a talented and motivated runner who wants to go to college. Fact is though, that runner will probably be just as successful without you. The true test of a great coach is do the kids love it and come out again next year.

Lets all remember these are kids. Except for the few elite it is not about individual championships or college scholarships so lets put this in perspective.

Who Am said...

Why the hating? I mean running in college is hard. Just getting in the door for college is a pretty big achievement right there, if it doesn't work out or someone doesn't want to put in the time commitment anymore who can blame them. I don't think that reflects negatively on their high school or high school coach. Let's all just take it easy.

XC Dad said...

Parent, teacher & coach all in one. said...
. For others that may mean having fun with friends or maybe even just getting some exercise. These are kids, most of whom will not compete in college.

You are talking about the majority of RF United, Gilkey's running club. Those kids totally respect respect and trust him....that is why they have chosen not to compete with Carlmont. They are currently having the best time travelling all over, enjoying the team and the training. It is great to see and that is what high school memories should be!

Parent, Teacher, Coach all in one said...

And that is the way it should be. RF United, high school, summer track clubs, it doesn't matter. As long as it is fun and the kids enjoy doing it awesome.

For most of the kids out there who love the sport I do want to say that high school is not the end. Do you know it is easier to get into Stanford, Cal, UCLA, etc. being a junior college transfer? I always thought that JC was a great transition for the 9:40+ 2 milers who don't get any looks from colleges.

And there are great smaller schools as well. Just in California there are numerous JC's & Small Universities with great programs. USF had a huge year. Santa Clara, CSUs (Chico, Fresno, Stanislaus, etc.) NAIA schools like Fresno Pacific, Azuza Pacific, Westmont. UC Santa Barbra, UC Santa Cruz for women XC... Kids, parents if you love running keep doing it. You may not make that team in the Pac 10 but there are many, many schools out there happy to have a sub 10 boy on their team.

Make the memories, keep running!

hank said...

And after college there is club and Corporate running (goto so either organize your own Corporate team or go to work for GE (who have been National Champs for 20+ years).

Anonymous said...

How is this a CCS record when the athlete is not competing for a CCS team?

Albert Caruana said...

Interesting question.

Technically, you can't compete in the steeplechase as part of a CCS hs team. No meets that are sanctioned by CCS can have the steeplechase as part of their meet.

Anonymous said...

"Unoffical" record I am sure...

I think west valley relays used to have a 2k Steeple back in the day. And why not? There are JO meets for that 2k steeple as well.

Its the same for the 10k, marathon records. Those contests are not "contested" in a CCS competition but a student from a school in the CCS area ran them. For me, the record counts by any student who runs an event through the summer of their Senior year by a sponsored CCS School.

What if an athlete runs in the US Champs? A footlocker finalist who never ran for her team was all-Nor Cal. Why so different?

Anonymous said...

To me the record stands because CCS schools don't offer steeplechase. Otherwise the record could never be broken... it would just be a dead event.
If steeplechase was offered in CCS then this record would not be 'official'

hank said...

Folks - you must remember - this is not an "official" CCS list that the CCS office compiles and maintains. This is a list that "I" maintain. My list, my rules. If anyone else wants to compile and maintain a list - then go for it. My whole intention is that it gives someone a goal to try and achieve - if it keeps them running, then I have succeeded. I want them coming back for more - now and in 30 years. So, go out there and run, don't fret about the details (fret=using acid to etch out a circuit board, very computer fun if you ask me). Records (official or not) will come and go but the character you gain from running will last a lifetime and be passed on (ok, enough philosophy - back to Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

Anonymous said...

Is Gilkey still drawing new Carlmont runners or is he going to fade away from the program quietly?

Anonymous said...

Good coaches attract athletes in any sport!

The majority of the current Carlmont track team consists of freshmen and sophomores (who have only been exposed to the school coach) For them it is convenient to train at school.

The only disadvantage of training with RF United is that the athlete doesn't get PE credit.

T. A. B. said...

HEY ANONYMOUS!!! why dont you keep your opinion to yourself. its sad to see how ignorent and pathetic you are to be sitting here disrespecting carlmont HIGH SCHOOL athletes as well as their coach. For one, running is supposed to be a personal achievement, especially in high school. its just for fun. and if they go to college and run after high school, then good for them. BUT reguardless of how they preform in college, or whether they even run in college at all, it does NOT give u the right to sit here and diminish all their past accomplishments. Secondly, Jeff Gilkey is an incredible coach that knew exactley what he was doing when it came to running. He coached many talented athletes and helped them become some of the top runners in the california, in the short amount of time that he had. So if you have some personal issues with him, grow up and let it go because no one wants to hear your negativity.

Anonymous said...

Could Gilkey do as good with a smaller public school like Hills-dale? I'd like to see that! Then when they win 4 titles I'll sing his praises.

Easy to be good when you get the best athletes at one of the largest schools in the section. If you are not the best when you have the best draw in the area shame on you.

He did what was expected, not the exceptional.

Anonymous said...

I say give Coach Gilkey the job at somewhere like Hillsdale and see what happens. In 5 years you will be singing non-stop. The PAL should drop it's unofficial ban on him but they know he'd dominate just like he did at Carlmont.

Anonymous said...

If he can do it at Burlingame or or Hillsdale...or another small school I'd be surprised.

We are talking CCS titles boys and girls.

Albert Caruana said...

We are not going anywhere with is. All speculation. No more comments will be allowed.

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