Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest Northern California distance star...

This past Saturday at the Golden West Invitational, a result that may have been missed by most is the following.

4    Carroll, Clare                     8      Cavitt Jr. Hs               5:08.59

That's right, an 8th grader running with the big girls and finishing a competitive 4th.  So who is this latest phenom?  After doing a little research, I found the following article.  You can read all about Clare Carroll (she is the one on the right) at the following link:

Clare Carroll - PAL Roseville Express Distance Star

Any other young running stars out there that I haven't heard of yet?  Where are the next impact runners going to high school next year?


Anonymous said...

Sophie Hartley!!!

She ran 5:10.20 back in March at the the Dublin Distance Fiesta, beating ALL the high school girls there-she was in 8th grade at the time. She's currently running with the Pleasanton Heat.

Albert Caruana said...

I remember her. I was also at the Dublin Distance Fiesta watching the middle school 1600m.

Where is Sophie going to school? Where are the rest of the 8th graders on the Pleasanton Heat going to high school?

Anonymous said...

theres Gorgio Liantono who ran a 4:49 at Golden West. For sure he will attend Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Sophie is going to Granada!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Jordan Hasay who ran Golden West as an 8th grader as well. Went out so fast and the older runners ate her up in the last 400 or so. Her racing has sure changed a lot since then.

5:08 is a phenomenal time for an 8th grade girl... heck, it's a phenomenal time for ANY high school girls!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the premier youth XC and 1600M runner in the US will be an 8th grader at Charlotte Wood MS in Danville this fall. Christine Bayliss at age 13 is already running a sub 5:00 1600M. She is slated to run at San Ramon Valley starting fall 2011. She won the JO National XC Championship in the Midget Division this past December. Incredibly talented and she takes breaks from running to play club soccer. Her parents and coaches have been very careful to limit her training to 2-3 days per week to avoid injury and burning out at a young age. Bayliss is the real deal, but I certainly would not say she is Hassay 2.0...not yet at least.

Anonymous said...

I could have missed something, but the fastest 1600 time I saw for Bayliss for 09/10 was 5:15/5:18. Still good times - but the sub 5:00 you saw was for a 1500, I think?

Anonymous said...

Christine has run 10:05 for 3000.

Anonymous said...

The Heat 8th graders include (with 1600m times)...
Aidan Goltra (4:44) - Las Lomas
Gabe Arias Sheridan (4:46) - St. Joes
Cody Mayer (4:48) - Liberty
Blair Hurlock (4:51) - Tracy
Ryan Colaco (5:05) - San Ramon Valley

Sophie Hartley (5:10) - Granada

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