Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Update on the USATF Coaches Registry

Dear Fellow Coaches,

Last week we unveiled the USATF Coaches Registry program, after more than three years of discussion and development. I can vividly remember the concern in the coaching community when the Balco drug scandal broke, and there was no system to ferret out the unscrupulous coaches who had sullied the reputation of the coaching profession. We now have a system developed by coaches to recognize only our honest and professional coaches to participate in USATF programs.

After just one week of being "live" and online, the USATF Coaches Registry lists over a 120 coaches who have applied and entered the Registry. Coaches from all our communities which includes college, post-collegiate, youth, high school and club coaches have completed the process to be a Registered Coach. We know the majority of coaches already live and work according to the Code of Conduct. The Coaches Registry helps the rest of the world understand that as well.

As the process for the Coaches Registry continues to develop, I encourage your feedback and ideas. If you feel there is anything missing or something that needs to be added to it, please contact me directly at, or 317-713-4671.

In the meantime, we wanted to remind you that all coaches requesting a credential for the 2010 USATF Outdoor Championships will need to have applied to be a registered coach. We will have the ability to facilitate an on-site application for a coach in Des Moines, but we strongly encourage you to apply online before you leave for Des Moines__it will expedite the credentialing process in Des Moines for you and your athlete. Final status as a Registered Coach will be pending the clearance of the background screen, but it will not hold up you getting your credential.

Hope to see you in Des Moines!
Best Regards,

Terry Crawford
Director of Coaching
132 E. Washington St. Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.713. 4671 p   
317.261.0481 f

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