Monday, June 07, 2010

Catching up with Jesuit HS sprinter/hurdler, R.J. Frasier...

Today we chat with R.J. Frasier of Jesuit HS who helped his school win the team crown at the recently completed California State Track and Field meet.  Along with teammates in the high jump, shot put and discus, RJ finished in 5th place in the 100 and recorded one of the Northern CA victories as he dominated the 300m. Hurdles.  R.J. (pictures to the left by Carl Costas of the Sac Bee in an article linked below) will be headed down south next year as he turns his full attention to Track and Field.

1. What sports have you participated in since you first started competing?

Wrestling, football, baseball, basketball and track and field. I started focusing on football and track during my sophomore year of high school.

2. How did you get involved in track and field?
I saw some kids running around the track and I asked my Dad if I could do that and the rest is history.
3. What were some of your earlier successes in the sport?
When I was young i was 4th in the nation in the long jump,

4. What were some of your accomplishments last year as a junior?
 Last year as a Jr, I took 5th in the state in the 300 hurdles and I anchored the 400m. relay to 4th place.

5. Going into this season, what were some of your goals?
My goal was to win state in as many events as possible.

6. Tell us a little about your coach and what he has meant to you in terms of helping you with your events.
My coach (Rod Jett) helped a lot because he is a hurdler and knows what makes people better. We watched film together and he pointed out all of my flaws.

7. Since you do multiple events, what does a typical week look like for you in terms of your training?
My week is usually very hard.  At the time, it can be frustrating because I do a little something for each event on different days but I have to pick one to focus more on

8. What are some of your toughest workouts that you did this past season?
The toughest workouts have been doing hurdles back in fourth which is llike running 25 hurdles in a set. Doing that 5 times and running repeat 300 efforts have been hard as well.

9. Jesuit HS was the boys' team champions at the CA State meet this past weekend. When did you and your teammates realize that your team has a shot at winning the team title?
We knew that we had a shot the whole season but it didnt really dawn on us until we got close to the state meet how close we were, and how serious it is.

10. Tell us a little about each of your races and what you will remember the most about this past weekend.
My 100 I just ran but did not run as fast as I would have liked to. My 300 hurdles was one of passion and determination, I knew that we needed 10 points to lock away the team tittle. The race was not very good technically but I was happy getting the win.

11. What college will you be attending next year and how did you end up deciding to go to that college?
I will be going to UCLA and while they were recruiting me i really liked their plans for the program and how serious they were about winning. The campus is absolutely beautiful and it is the number 2 public University in the nation.

12. What is your advice for younger athletes who have aspirations of reaching the level you reached this past season?
All I can say is stay hungry but most importantly stay humble and be grateful for all the success that will come your way

Thank you very much R.J. for your time!  AJC

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