Monday, June 14, 2010

100th Dipsea Race

Yesterday's historic 100th running of the Dipsea race gave us a record breaker as 8 year old Reilly Johnson (pictured to the left courtesy of the Dipsea official site- won her first individual title as well as the coveted black shirt.  

You can find preliminary results of the race at the following link:

You can find lots of familiar names in the results including current high school runners as well as their parents.

The top high school runner was John Lawson of Drake who finished 9th overall.  The top high school girl was Jacque Taylor of Casa Grande who finished 31st overall.

For more coverage of the race, go to the Marin Independent Journal's coverage of the race at the following link:

Who out there ran the race?  Comments?


Anonymous said...

It's cool seeing names like Roy Kissin, EBAL meet record at 9:00.5y.

Anonymous said...

Posted tons of photos of dipsea at:

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