Monday, June 21, 2010

Barefoot running gains a following

By Laura Casey
Contra Costa Times
Updated: 06/21/2010 11:43:08 AM PDT

MAYBE YOU'LL see Michae Legault of Pleasant Hill in shoes on special occasions.
But you certainly won't see him running in shoes.
The former track and cross-country coach has been a barefoot runner for seven years. He runs the Iron Horse Trail barefoot, runs around Concord Community Park barefoot; he even works barefoot.
Legault says running shoes, especially those with a wedge at the heel, are useless, even dangerous. He prefers running feet unshod and, like many across the country, he believes going barefoot is the best way to run.
Legault found this out after years of looking for a flat-foot running shoe and getting a black toenail during a marathon. Two miles before the finish line, he took off his shoes and completed the run.
"I thought 'This rocks' and stopped looking for my flat shoe," the 50-year-old contractor says.
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Anonymous said...

I've read a lot about barefoot running. It may be better if you do it properly but I hear stories of many runners who switch to barefoot running too quickly, without switching to shoes with less cushions then minimalist shoes and end up getting injured.

I would say HS runners who train for competition should not try barefoot running because 80mile weeks for some of those guys can have greater stress on your legs than someone who runs for leisure.

Albert Caruana said...

Agreed. Any changes should be done gradually especially something this drastic.

I think barefoot running on grass as a cool down is a good way to start.

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