Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cross Country Course Converter

St. Ignatius coach Al Berrin got the ball rolling on this with a post above on the message board.  Many of you are familiar with the course converter that is located on Hank Lawson's website.  You can check it out here:

As you can see, most of the courses are primarily from the CCS area.  What we would like to do is add other courses that are consistent from year to year such as the NCS course at Hayward High School, SJS course (Willow Hill Reservoir) etc.

Here is an email from Hank Lawson explaining how the converter works.  If you have a course that you would like to add and can include the course comparison, please email it to me at albertjcaruana@gmail.com.  Feel free to comment below about what course you would like to see included on the list if you don't have the data.

As you can see, Crystal has a 1.00 rating (which is our "base" course to compare against).  If the course is equal to Crystal (as was the Pepperdine course) then you also give it a 1.00 rating.  What I do when adding a new course is I try to figure out what I think the time should be for the new course based on the Crystal time and i just keep changing the number around (1.xxxx) until it agrees with me.  Then I'll try using it against other course and see if it lines up, time wise, and then "tweak it" until I'm happy.  Attached is the HTML code where I say "New Course" and give it a value (there are TWO places where you have to change the value of New Course.  This is the line of code you need to change and then do a refresh in your browser and rerun your test times until you like what you see.  Then just send that line of code to me and ask to insert into the program and I will (it actually goes in to TWO different html files that are identical but for testing purposes, one will be fine for you).  Here are the percentages:

Alum Rock (2.9)
Bayfront Parks
Bol Park (2.18)
Central Park (2.3)
Crystal Springs (2.95)
Foothill (3.0)
Fremont (2.05)
Half Moon Bay (2.3)
Homestead (2.35)
Lynbrook (2.1)
Mt SAC (2.91)
Mongomery Hill (2.95)
Mt Madonna
Pepperdine (3.0)
Polo Grounds (3.1)
Shoreline (3.0)
Stanford (3.0) w/hill
Toro Park (3.0)
RAM (Westmoor HS) 2.4
Woodward (3.1)


Anonymous said...

Um, just letting you know, the link has stopped working. You might want to check your url.

ajwodecki said...


try that

hank said...

Or here is the main one:


CalTrack no longer hosts my site, PrepCalTrack does.


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