Sunday, June 06, 2010

1st set of Newspaper articles covering CA state meet finals...

No more having to wait until Sunday morning... (Ashton Purvis) (Jesuit HS) (Cunningham wins triple) (Thandi Stewart)

and... (Santa Cruz Sentinel) (More from Sac Bee) (SF Chronicle) (Nina Anderson)


Anonymous said...

Ashton Purvis was by FAR the most impressive Norcal athlete. Two double wins, two top 10 ALL TIME marks.. just .03 off of the national HS record (set in an all HS race) by Marion Jones. Simply amazing stuff.

I know a lot of us here mostly follow distance running, but you have to give some huge props to this young lady for an incredible performance.

Albert Caruana said...

No question. I looked it up and her 100m. time is just slightly better than her 200m. time. Put together, very impressive indeed.

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