Friday, June 25, 2010

Dyestatcal archives...

Some of you tried to check out dyestatcal the past few days and were redirected to the world wide leader or whatever they call their high school coverage nowadays.  I am just waiting for them to buy me out next :D

Thanks to Davis HS coach Bill Gregg for the following links where you can find past results, pictures etc. (California!) (National)
Forums/Discussion Boards*
*The forums/discussion boards at this URL are archives and disabled, so no new posts allowed.

Also, if you want to use message boards that most closely resemble the old dyestat message boards, check out

Lastly, for those of you that go back to, you can find that archive at the following link:


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that they would change to the new Rise site without full functionality. That is not good for fans, guests, customers,etc. I know Dyestat no longer controls the site and they can only give their input. I know at the moment I can't even sign up for it because of a glich with an old ESPN/Disney account error from a few years ago ("but they are working on it") Another big fish swallowing up a small fish, lets see how it turns out. Maybe it will develop in something nice in the next few weeks..

Anonymous said...

so far the new "Dyestatcal" sucks. The powers to be missed the boat on this one. Big Company are not always better

Anonymous said...

It's all over again. : (

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