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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Spring 2003

2003 West Valley Track and Field Invitational - The always popular high school 2000m. Steeplechase. Check out the crowd next to the water jump. Notice the runners couldn't wear their school uniforms as the event was very unofficial and now no longer allowed (scroll down for videos).


Gustavo Ibarra said...

It's a shame California doesn't allow steeple. I had several kids run it at those West Valley meets and 4 of them went on to run it in college. It was a great way to expose the event to them. They should allow it but get rid of the messing around in the race. Imagine the success CA steeple would have state-wide!
Bring steeple back!!

Anonymous said...

Gus, why did CA get rid of the SC? I understand the javelin and other dangerous field events but since when was a running event bad enough to ban?

Gustavo Ibarra said...

Good question... Ever since I moved to CA I have wondered why we are so soft out here... No spikes, no javelin, no steeple... Weird... Imagine a steeple at the state meet... I bet CA could pump out some great steeple kids with so many kids in the state...

Albert Caruana said...

I believe the West Valley meet no longer held the steeplechase because CCS wouldn't sanction the meet if they continued to have an exhibition steeplechase race. I believe another east bay meet used to have a steeplechase as well but that was also discontinued.

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