Friday, November 13, 2015

The Night of Two-Mile Madness Schedule & Heats Sheets

RESULTS: (Thomas Benjamin photos below)
Kate and Emma Tavella, San Ramon Valley
Brian Schulz, El Molina and Salem Bouhassoun, Mission SF

6:00pm - Boys Heat #1
6:20pm - Boys Heat #2 
6:38pm - Boys Heat #3 
6:55pm - Girls Heat #1 
7:15pm - Boys Heat #4 
7:31pm - Girls Heat #2 
7:50pm - Boys Heat #5 
8:05pm - Girls Heat #3 
8:22pm - Boys Heat #6 
8:40pm - Girls Heat #4 
9:00pm - Boys Heat #7 

Check them out at this LINK

HOKA One One gear for top finishers
Medals to Top-5 #1 through #7 runners (35 per gender)
HOKA One One t-shirts to all participants
Heart & Sole swag to all participants
HOKA One One sweatshirts AND shoes for all coaches w/ complete teams

HOKA One One athlete David Torrence will be in attendance beginning at 5:00pm signing autographs and cheering on the athletes.


Anonymous said...

I see Rylee Bowen is running in heat 4 of the girls race. Haven't seen much of her this year, so maybe a warm up for her before sectional.

Anonymous said...

Bad timing for this race. All the good runners will save themselves for this weekend, why not schedule this for next week when everyone picks it up again for state? Lame

Albert Caruana said...

Actually it's great timing and you may have your dates mixed up. Most league finals in NCS took place last week so with the 2 week break between the league finals and NCS, this race helps bridge that gap.

I think you will see some very fast times and will do so again at the NCS meet. The Hayward course is blazing due to the drought.

Anonymous said...

We are from the sjs, so we get two weeks after Saturday to get ready for state.

Andrew said...

It seems unreasonable for Bowen to run this after just having league finals.

Anonymous said...

Bouhassoun -9:18

Albert Caruana said...

Any other marks?

Anonymous said...

ATrevela sisters san ramon valley

10:57 and 11:17 no Bowen

Stefan Bradley -9:37

Results at

Anonymous said...

Rylee Bowen just won her Conference Championship the day before this race and was under orders not to run.

Tom Benjamin

Anonymous said...

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