Sunday, November 29, 2015

All-time top CCS boys' teams at CA state meet

Thanks to Bellarmine coach, Patrick McCrystle:
"Congratulations to all CCS schools on their incredible performances at the State Championships. While the CCS girls' side REALLY shined this year, here are are updated all-time stats for the boys side…I only do the boys because I only coach boys…sorry!  Special congratulations to Justin Robison for the #3 all time CCS boys time in State Meet history!!!!! 8 new team times made the all-time list, highlighted by Bellarmine's #4 all-time team time.  Special congrats to Crystal Springs (#6 DV) and SI (#9 DII) for their top 10 performances!!!!  Now…on to track! Good health to all!"--Patrick McCrystle

2015 additions
4. Bellarmine DI     
24. St. Ignatius DII      
50. Willow Glen DII       
52. Homestead DI     
53. Palo Alto DI       
86. St. Francis DII     
88. Saratoga DIII   

Here is the LINK to all the top CCS individuals and teams all-time at the state meet.  


Anonymous said...

Course was probably the best shape in the last 20 years I have been going, and conditions ideal!

Bing said...

Some interesting observations from the all-time CCS boys' list:

1. It's amazing that in 28 years, Bellarmine has only had 2 3rd place finishes. It seems with all of the talent they get, they should be much more successful at state.
2. Also for Bellarmine, it's interesting that they have no top 50 individuals. I find it fascinating that teams like Mountain View, Willow Glen and Lynbrook have multiple elite individuals, yet none from BCP.
3. I would have thought Ben Sitler would have been higher on the list
4. Mountain View having 4 of the top 5 all time individuals is impressive
5. It's nice to see that CCS is trending upwards again after a lull in the early 2000s

Hank said...

Need to note that these marks are only taken from State Meet. If you were to add in Clovis Invite and FootLocker West times the list would be different.


Anonymous said...

Bellarmine is the perfect school to go to if you are a top Santa Clara county runner in junior high, and your dream is to run for Santa Clara.

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