Monday, November 02, 2015

Obea Moore Documentary

For those of you that remember Obea Moore, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

A cautionary tale of what could have been. That was a pretty incredible story, but the thought that kept coming back in to my head was, Hard work beats talent that doesn't work hard. There is also a psychological element at play, he didn't seem like a bad guy at all, but could have definitely needed some guidance. I think the best coaches are able to see what individual athletes need, for some it is a kick in the butt and for others it some words of encouragement. Because he was so good, it seems that they thought that he had the mental fortitude to reach the highest levels. So often people don't realize how much of it is mental.

Anonymous said...

That was an outstanding documentary! Thanks Albert

Albert Caruana said...

Agreed. He was so talented that it's a shame that he never reached his full potential beyond high school.

Anonymous said...

Great story.
There were some good lessons in there for athletes, coaches, and parents.

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