Saturday, November 21, 2015

2015 North Coast Section MOC Cross Country Team Champions

Division III Girls - Campolindo
Division IV Girls - Piedmont
Division III Boys - Campolindo
Division IV Boys - Sir Francis Drake

Division V Girls - St. Joseph Notre Dame
Division I Boys - Monte Vista
Division II Girls - Granada
Division V Boys - Marin Academy
Division I Girls - Monte Vista
Division II Boys - Maria Carrillo


Anonymous said...

Maria Carrillo for worst uni every. Good luck at state.

Anonymous said...

@4:16 idk Los Gatos boys might have something to say about that...

Anonymous said...

Los Gatos looks like they just don't want to get run over when running at night where MC can send someone into epileptic fits. Just the same, good outing. Hope they break out something better looking in Fresno.

Observer of Things said...

Why did Sir Francis Drake borrow basketball shorts for today's meet?

Anonymous said...

Maybe SFD had bball tryouts before the meet? A lot of XC kids miss out on the start of winter sports, especially if they make it to state.

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