Thursday, November 05, 2015

Updated Central Coast Section Rankings


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that these rankings mostly serve to facilitate discussion...WCAL results looked quite different from these rankings.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a little off topic, but with the post season heating up, have seen a lot of pictures of league races and invites in So Cal where the runners were racing on sidewalks and asphalt paths! What is up with that? I even went down to Mt. Sac and was shocked by how well groomed that course is (the parts that are not paved). When I ran there in the mid 80's, going up the hills was literally like trudging through about 3 inches of sand. Everybody in a race runs the same course, so no conspiracy theory here, just think it is interesting that most of the So Cal courses looks to be set up to be extremely fast tracks. And while I am ranting, does anyone really like those massive photo albums put up on other CC web sites? I'll occasionally peruse one to see if I can spot my kid, but some are over 1,000 pictures large, edit people! Anyway, big weekend coming up, looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Why would Walt put this out before WCAL? That race made both the team and individual rankings obsolete. Will there be an update before CCS?

John Rankr said...

I'm posting here because the last thread is out of control. But back to the action. No better week to be a fan of the sport than this week. WBAL Today!

Pre-Prediction rant:
Another private school league finals today though I am guessing the comment section won’t explode like it did under WCAL. I am curious if that is one of the greatest troll threads of all time or if there really is that much pent up animosity. Either way I think we should focus on the great achievement of these kids rather than putting them down.

Great dual on tap today between Crystal Springs and Sacred Heart Prep for the team title. They were separated by just one point in their last meet at the Baylands and should be another great battle today. Menlo could also challenge and could mix things up, especially with a strong 1-2 punch. Miranda is the individual favorite as he has won the previous two league meets. The race for second is close, Angstrom (SHP), Serrano (M), Novitsky (SHP) and a handful of Crystal Springs kids in the mix. The league team title will come down to a few points. It is going to come down to the #5 runner and maybe even the #6 runners. It is that close.

Individual Pic: Miranda (Menlo)
Team Prediction: Crystal Springs Uplands

Another exciting race for the team title. Kings Academy came on strong in the last meet and took the win. Castilleja was just three points behind as these two separated themselves from the rest of the field as my pick to win WBAL #2, Harker, was pushed back to third. Niki Iyer wins the individual title. I know, shocker!

Individual Pic: Niki Iyer (Harker)
Team Prediction: Kings Academy

Anonymous said...

"Why would Walt put this out before WCAL?"

Walt typically updates these over the weekend and does this every week. Note that none of the league meet results from Monday or Tuesday were included either.

Anonymous said...

I love the WBAL. Does someone know the schedule for varsity races?

Anonymous said...

@12:40 Thanks. Love Walt's lists. Just thought it came out a few days early. We should get a good picture after the weekend.

Hank said...

Yes there will be team rankings AND a Comparison list before CCS.
Walt sends this to me every Sunday night, I just don't always get it posted before monday.


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