Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wharf to Wharf Results (You can search for all the current and ex NorCal HS runners)


Anonymous said...

The Wharf to Wharf results are screwed up for the fourth year in a row.
They give walkers, who start early, a finish time.
The Wharf to Wharf race will never be a great race until they can get the results right.

Coach Small said...

Don't worry, I'm sure the results will get cleaned up. Those are preliminary results and they will take out people who didn't cross the start and register a 2 mile split.

I cannot speak for race management but as someone who lived there it is important to remember this is Santa Cruz. This is a community that threw a fit after upping the prize money for elites and making the race a 10k. They want it to keep it that community event and I'm fine with that. It's a great summer event, not a championship. Just recently they started timing people beyond the top 100.

It's a great race. One I have done often and one of my personal favorites. Running this race you can count on a few things: a great venue, old ladies walking the course blocking the way and it selling out in less than a day. It's just part of the experience.

Anonymous said...

Coach Small,
They didn't clean up the results the last three years.
You're right...they sell out in less than a day and don't seem to have any incentive to correct the race results problem.
I've lived in Santa Cruz for 30 years...I first ran the race in 1976 (9 years before moving here) when there were only 700 runners.
This year (today) I started about midway in the first corral (not elite) and had to weave for the entire 6 miles. That's not the fault of race's mine for putting down an honest predicted finish time.
But, the results problem is the fault of race management for continuing to use a flaky timing company.
I've run my last Wharf to Wharf. It's a race for elites and joggers. It's not for those of us who are still serious about racing, but too old to make the elite corral.

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