Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 CA State XC Team Entries Now Posted

Changes from last season:
NCS Division III +1
SJS Division III -1

CCS Division IV -1
CCS Division V -1
NCS Division II -1
NCS Division IV +1
NCS Division V +1
NS Division IV +1
SDS Division II +1
SDS Division IV -1


Anonymous said...

NCS DII girls lost a spot, they didn't gain one. That, plus the addition of Granada and Redwood will make it tough to get to State this Fall....

Albert Caruana said...


Anonymous said...

Granada's moving down a division? That's big for D1 girls. NCS is +2 in the green, keep killin it

Albert Caruana said...

Tentative NCS divisions for 2014 season.

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