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Saturday, February 25, 2012

XC State Meet Qualifier changes for 2012

You can check out how many teams qualified last season from each section at the following link (Page 5):

The following computations were by Gunn HS coach Ernie Lee.  They are not official.

Division I Boys - no change
Division I Girls - CS loses 1, SJS gains 1
Division II Boys - CS gains 1, SJS loses 1
Division II Girls - CCS loses 1, SDS gains 1
Division III Boys - no change
Division III Girls - no change
Division IV Boys - CCS gains 1, SJS loses 1 (assuming I have the tie-breaker correct)
Division IV Girls - no change
Division V Boys - no change
Division V Girls - no change (again, assuming I have the tie-breaker correct)

"Of course, I could have made a calculation or attribution mistake, so until the CIF releases the official numbers, these are just guesses."  Ernie

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