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Monday, February 13, 2012

Model Coach Award

Two Northern California coaches receive this prestigious award:
Michael Buchanan Oroville HS (Northern Section)
Bill Daskoralis Aragon HS (Central Coast Section)

You can view a complete list of all the winners here:


The list of the All-Time Model Coach Winners is here:http://www.cifstate.org/images/PDF/Past_CIF_Model_Coach_Award_Winners.pdf


Rob Collins said...

Congrats Bill! Fantastic Guy!

Anonymous said...

Who are the best coaches in NCS?

Marty Beene said...

Great!! Dasko is the main reason that I became a runner and (now) a coach. Plus, he somehow looks exactly the same now as when I ran at Aragon in '78-79 - how does he do that?!

fhunt said...

Congrats Bill...I am a lucky guy to be caoching with you these last 3 years!

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