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Thursday, September 01, 2011

1500m Women Final WC Athletics Daegu 2011

Awesome finish!


Anonymous said...

Every high schooler should watch and learn how to properly run a 1500 meters.

Anonymous said...


She's a patriot and a hero.

Anonymous said...

not trying to take away from JB, but Morgan Uceny would have likely podium-ed ―― or even won. It's a shame, she has been dominating all summer and gets bad luck in her most important race of the year.

Albert Caruana said...

No question that Uceny was a medal threat. It was highly possible that without the fall we could have seen 2 American women on the medal stand.

Anonymous said...

This is seriously the golden era for USA mid-distance. HUGE race by Barringer... also Uceny is a class act, great interview after the race from someone who must be devastated. Here's to them representing USA at the Olympics!

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