Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Oakland Section pre-season rankings thanks to Sean Cameron Kohles

You can find all the top teams and individuals posted at this LINK.

The Oakland Tech girls, coached by former UC Berkeley All-American Richie Boulet. Tech will have 5 girls who all ran faster than 11:57 (1 returner under 11:00) last spring and will be among the top teams in Northern California. Boulet prepped at Sir Francis Drake and among his PRs, he ran a 3:53.25 mile. I don't think there are too many coaches with a faster personal best in the entire country.


Anonymous said...

They are definitely a good team, but please correct the posting. They do not have 5 girls under 10:57. See the MileSplit article. They have 5 girls under 12:00.

The Oakland Technical girls are becoming one of the better teams in northern California. In the 2016 Cross Country season, they set the Oakland Section Joaquin Miller Park team time section record as well as the Oakland Section Woodward Park/State Meet team record. In 2017, they had 2 girls under 5:10, 3 more under 5:30 and their number 6 at 5:38 in the 1600. In the 3200, 2 girls under 11:00, and 4 more under 11:50. Out of this group only ONE of them graduated out. That means they will be returning 5 girls under 12:00. Led by junior Caroline Garrett (5:05.8 / 10:56.3 / 18:16.8). The Lady Bulldogs placed 17th in D1 State Finals in 2016.

Albert Caruana said...

Yes, I fixed that last night. I blame the beginning of the school year...ha! They are very good and if you take all the teams in Northern California, how many also have 5 returning girls who broke 12 minutes in the 3200m? I am not sure if we might get to 10 teams.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "Berkeley University". That name sounds like some tiny liberal arts college in the Mid-Atlantic. I think you meant that Tom Boulet studied at UC Berkeley.

Anonymous said...

*Richie Boulet

Anonymous said...

Richie is not listed as the Tech coach on the school's Website.

Anonymous said...

seriously, we're having conversations about who's name is not on the website? You're giving schools too much credit to try to update their websites every second.
We all know Coach Albert means the best, and he's pretty good at catching mistakes.
Yes, it's Richie Boulet married to Magda and also holds tons of accolades. blah, blah blah. The point and simple point, is that the Oaklant Tech girls kicked some butt last season and during track and will continue to do even more this season.
Was that so tough?

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