Friday, September 22, 2017

Northern California Results

Ghebray Invitational results: NEW

Dana Hills Invitational results: NEW (Granada girls best in Southern CA meet)

Bill Springhorn Classic results: NEW

Pacific Tiger XC Invitational results (Mascot race not included): NEW

PSAL #1 at Crystal Springs course results:

BVAL Mount Hamilton #2 results:

STAL #2 results:

MBL Gabilan Center Meet #1 results:

9/20 Meets from Redwood Empire results

CVC Results (SJS)-Whitney takes varsity race while Bella Vista boys impressive in their race.

Peninsula Athletic League #1 Results (Carlmont sweeps both varsity races at HMB):

Bay Counties League Group 1 and 2 Results (Lick-Wilmerding boys now #1 in Div V in CA)

Other results? Send them my way ( or post link below.


Coach Tim said...

Just FYI - the FSB results from PAL #1 are mostly invalid. There were emergency personnel on the course and only the first five or so runners ran the actual course. All the other races were unaffected.

It was a learning experience for all of us.

Albert Caruana said...

I heard.

Anonymous said...

Lmao heard some dudes had to run "The Beast" 3 times in a row!!

PSALXC said...

J. Lange - Nueva - 19:06
D. Zarrinnegar - Nueva - 20:32
H. Zarrinnegar - Nueva - 20:54
E. Folkman - Kehillah Jewish - 21:14
K. Hayashigatani - Design Tech - 22:00
D. Moreno - KIPP San Jose - 22:03
M. DeLaCruz - KIPP San Jose - 22:30

Nueva - 20 pts
KIPP SJ - 60 pts
LCP - 95 pts

E. Walker - Nueva - 16:57
T. Chan - Design Tech - 16:59
C. Dittmar - Nueva - 17:06
A. Zuklie - Nueva - 17:40
P. Enger - Nueva - 17:45
J. McClelland - Nueva - 18:22
J. Quimson - Nueva - 18:37

Nueva - 19 pts.
LCP - 102 pts.
Design Tech - 120 pts.

Anonymous said...

Pacific Tiger results

Anonymous said...

11th Bill Springhorn Classic (Redding, CA) results

Coach Ibarra said...

St Francis putting on a show this season! Great job! Dethrone those SS schools!

Albert Caruana said...

The way the divisions are aligned, it would be tremendous for a NorCal team to win state (or even podium).

Albert Caruana said... state or podium in Division 2 that is.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Carlmont for sweeping the PAL meet. It seems like their team has come out of nowhere especially on the girls side.

Albert Caruana said...

Carlmont has been a very good program in the past dating back to the 60s and Loren Lansberry. Jeff Gilkey did a great job starting in the early 2000s with a handful of CCS titles. This early season, it looks like Carlmont is back with a large team and they were definitely the dominant team in the first PAL meet.

Anonymous said...

St Francis VB once again put on a show in Stockton. Finished 2-3-4, 5 in the first 8, all 7 in 17! This is going to be a hard team to beat this year. The rest of their schedule shows 1 invitational at Clovis (too bad we can't watch them at Crystal), 2 league races, and the league final. Their league battle with Bell, and CCS showdown with Willow Glen (which is a solid team but just doesn't have the horses to keep up with the SF newbies) should set them up for the final test against Dublin at state. If they can stay healthy, they have a great chance to podium and an outside chance to win.

Anonymous said...

What was up with the slow(ish) times at the PAL meet? Only 9 boys finished under 13:00 as compared to 16 last year.. Was it hot/cold that day? Different course? Is the PAL getting even slower?

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