Friday, September 01, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser at the Monte Vista Invitational

The following was sent to coaches of teams that are participating in the upcoming Monte Vista Invitational this coming Tuesday. Perhaps other invites can do something similar to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Coaches - 

Let's pause the discussion on our weather for a moment, and turn to the weather in Houston and the surrounding area.   While I recognize this is short notice, I hope you can spread this information quickly today to your athletes and parents:

The athletes of the Monte Vista cross country team would like to use the Invitational as an opportunity to fund-raise for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort.  The team has decided to direct all net proceeds from the meet to aid specific high school cross country programs in the Houston area.  While the news is still unfolding, MileSplitUSA had a story about this just yesterday.

All profits from t-shirt sales and snack-table sales will be set aside and sent to designated relief funds.  In addition, we are collecting gently used t-shirts and running shoes, to send to schools in need. Collection boxes will be at the park.  Cash donations will be taken at our t-shirt table as well, and will be solely designated to be sent for relief efforts.  I can personally assure you that all monies donated will go directly to qualified relief efforts.

Can you please send this flier out to your team parents and athletes today?  If you are having practice (indoors or out) can you cover this with your student athletes?

We appreciate your consideration of this opportunity to help fellow runners in the Houston area.

Mike Davis & Mike Huntsman
Co-Directors - Monte Vista XC Invitational

ps - now says 92 for Tuesday... looking better!

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