Thursday, September 21, 2017

Central Coast Section Team Rankings posted 9/20/17

Thanks to our fearless leaders, Hank Lawson and Walt Van Zant, here are the top 15 teams in CCS regardless of division for both boys and girls:

Are there teams that we missed? Should any teams be moved up higher or lower? Comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Some of the bottom 5 for boys & girls seems a bit slow. Is CCS depth down this year?

Albert Caruana said...


Anonymous said...

As an observer at the last two Toro races, Santa Cruz VG and St. Francis VB deserve the No. 1 ranking at this point in season. Will be fun to watch as season progresses and teams stabilize. Hopefully we start seeing some of our teams in CCS make the State ranking where SS appears to dominate. Wishing a healthy season to all our athletes.

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