Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Section marks according to

I am sure there are some missing marks but this will give you an idea of who are the state meet contenders in each section in Northern California

Central Coast Section

North Coast Section

Sac-Joaquin Section

Northern Section

San Francisco Section

Oakland Section


Anonymous said...

of all the track websites that have rankings, i find that is the one that i trust the least since it seems to miss many results.

for instance in the NCS boys 1600, Mt Sac results seem to be missing.

but all of the databases have their errors, such as double or triple listings for the same person (Danny Stalters, Daniel Stalters, & Dan Stalters)

Albert Caruana said...

Until every race is entered in one database, you are going to find errors. It's not perfect yet but it's getting much better. Are there any prominent runners missing from the links I posted?

hank said...

Sarah Robinson (Gunn) in the 3200.


Anonymous said...

Who is ahnk?

Andrew said...

Dante Hay 1:55 from Woody Wilson/Dan Gabor is missing.

Anonymous said...

Austin Orr, 1:56.73 from Woody Wilson

The following databases seem to be better than


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