Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Arcadia Invitational and the Running Renaissance


Anonymous said...

Wow, so all I need to do is bump my mileage up, and I can break 9

Anonymous said...

Don't know about you but that is the primary reason more than ever are breaking 9.

Anonymous said...

I tend to believe in the power of the wallet and the power of the mind.

The mind: with the knowledge out there of what kind of training is going on and that there are other kids out there doing it, these boys know what it takes and are willing to do it. They also believe that if they head out to Arcadia, magic will happen.

The wallet: 14 out of the 18 boys who broke 9:00 were from out of state. It helps to have a good field if you're trying to run that fast, and they all pony up the cash to come out to CA and run fast together. Prior to a to the past few years, the field was almost entirely CA kids.

The truth is the Arcadia boys 2 mile is off the charts because it draws a ridiculous field. You don't see thee depth of that field for the boys mile, the boys 800, or any of the girls distance races. You get the special talents, but not the national field. It will be real fun to watch when the other fields get as strong. Maybe someday they will.

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