Monday, April 15, 2013

Former North Monterey County HS, Hartnell JC and University of Santa Cruz runner Daniel Tapia 2nd American at Boston Marathon

His final time was 2:14:30 which is a new PR and his overall place was 9th place.  (Picture to the left courtesy of

Results of today's race can be found HERE.

Castroville runner placed 9th at Boston Marathon before terror struck


Coach Small said...

What an amazing effort!

There has been some great runners that have come from the Salinas / Monterey Bay in the distances and marathon lately. Steve Moreno made two Olympic trials, finishing 15th and Miguel Nuci, who was an 11+ 2 miler in HS who went on to run 2:15 in the marathon! Not to mention Diego Estrada in the Olympic 10k. (Just to name a few)

Just shows why you should keep running and chasing your dreams.

Another great performance from Central Coast, well done Daniel!

Anonymous said...

What were is Pr's in High school?

Albert Caruana said...

At the league finals his senior season, he ran the 800 (2:07.25) and the 3200 (10:39.31).

Anonymous said...

That's incredible!

Anonymous said...

That's incredible!

Anonymous said...

Danny ran 4:41/10:04/16:29 in high school... quite the story of someone that joined as a sophomore, worked hard, did OK in high school, did great in college, and now is doing amazing!! As coach Small said, chase your dreams kids!
Couldn't happen to a better guy!
Coach Ibarra

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