Sunday, April 21, 2013

Move CCS Finals back to SJCC?

Here are a couple posts after the CCS Top 8 meet on Friday.  This has been brought up before and worth discussing.

First is by Joe M.
"To the CCS head office:

In a sport driven by performance, and the press generated because of those performances, it angers me to think that CCS is more interested in saving a few bucks than doing what is right for the athletes. 

CCS should be held at SJCC, not Gilroy. 

Look at the amazing results last night, just in the girls triple jump alone. 

Every year an article comes out about moving the venue back to SJCC. Attendance is down, less concessions, traffic. It is time for a change.

The CCS will pay to use AT&T park for CCS football, for SJCC semi-finals and finals but not one day of track & field. Why not hold semi finals at Gilroy and Finals in San Jose? Why not let the kids run in the best venue we can? SJCC has reached out to you, time to let egos go. If Willie can put on a great meet like this for an invitational, why can you not do it for your section championship. 

Time to think of the kids and do what's right."

The second is by Bellarmine HS coach, Patrick McCrystle
"As a long time area coach, I have to concur wholeheartedly with Joe M's post from yesterday morning. I understand and respect the South Valley coaches and their desire to keep the meet at Gilroy--and I sincerely appreciate the hard work they have put in to consistently pull off a great CCS meet--but the reality is that SJCC is a superior facility for the athletes in our section, especially when at-large times are at stake. More so than in Cross Country, this site decision affects performance, even down to faster times for qualifiers earning better lanes at State. I understand the financial concerns of the CCS, but I also believe that there must be a work around between SJCC, an academic institution and an important part of the local community, and the CCS...if it were a priority and someone from the CCS could sell our side to SJCC, then I think it could happen next year. The crowd for the meet could be much larger, and therefore the gate much larger, with some well-planned PR...we'd just have to bring the Gilroy concession people!!!!! Great top 8 meet by Willie, Mike, Hank, et al, just shows what a great venue it is!!!
Go CCS, good luck and good health to all athletes as the season winds down (and ramps up!!) Peace, Patrick McCrystle"


Anonymous said...

They should really try and get finals over at city this year. Make it happen. Even if it has to get moved to a Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea to move CCS back to SJCC. But who is able talks to CCS about making this possible?

Anonymous said...

Why is CCS Finals on a Friday night? Wouldn't Saturday be easier for athletes?

Albert Caruana said...

The CCS track and field finals have been on a Friday as long as I have been part of the sport.

I believe the change in venue was brought up at the CCS Top 8 meet and the first suggestion was to get the principals on board with the change.

Anonymous said...

A Friday night is much more conducive to distance runners hitting the at large standards to qualifying to State. I know runners at 800 and 3200 meters from the CCS and SJS (another Friday night meet) that have qualified at large, but don't know of any in the NCS or SDS (Saturday afternoon meets) at 800 and above.

Anonymous said...

Everything about SJCC is great. There is enough room for spectators, lots of parking, and an amazing track. More room for crowds in a convient location gives an energy to the races that Gilroy cannot provide. I know everybody loves to see people running PR's and when they see a good show, they get loud. I hope I speak for most people saying that it is such a great place to watch races. Magic happens at SJCC

Rob Collins said...

Coaches Poll Albert!

Anonymous said...

SJCC has Graduation on May 24th.
What about moving CCS to De Anza College? They just put in a new track.

hank said...

De Anza does have a fantastic new track with lots of parking and close freeway access. Also has a very cool scoreboard for displaying results. Their biggest drawback is they only have stands on one side of the track. Not sure it could accommodate the amount of spectators that would show up.


Anonymous said...

De Anza lacks lights, but love the scoreboard

Kevin Liao said...

Several facilities (Gilroy, DeAnza) may have the stands, parking, etc., but what stands out about SJCC is its blistering fast Mondo surface that has yielded the fast times we've seen year in and year out. That's an advantage that no other locale can match. CCS need to be at SJCC for the good of the sport.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone made this happen yet? With the great group of seniors that we have this year we need some last minute magic to get CCS trials and Finals here.

Albert Caruana said...

No chance it happens this year.

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