Friday, April 05, 2013

NorCal Multi-Events Championships at Northgate HS results

From meet director Peter Brewer:
"The inaugural NorCal multi championships went off well.  A small but competitive field showed up.  Dion Shattuck of Santa Cruz won with solid marks.  Ami Boucher of Northgate completed the rare women's decathlon."
2013 NorCal Multi-Events Championships Results


Anonymous said...

My goodness... 10 events in one day! I'd be interested in a legit two day decathlon. The Santa Craz kid probably got some colleges interested after that performance. But after 10 events in one day I hope he gets a few days off.

Peter Brewer said...

That was the advertised event, and we went with it. And the other 12 decathletes are probably a bit sore today as well.

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