Friday, March 18, 2011

Northern California High School Women’s Track & Field Leaders

Thanks to Keith Conning and THE CONNING TOWER, you can find the complete list here:

Here are the list leaders for Northern California
100 Meters 12.37 -0.7 Khadija Suleman Antioch NCS
200 Meters 25.06 -0.1 Strangenae Campbell 12 Pinole Valley NCS
400 Meters 58.30 Darnella Jenkins 12 Deer Valley NCS
800 Meters 2:17.68 Tori Tsolis 12 Presentation CCS
1600 Meters 5:11.03 Anna.Maxwell 9 San Lorenzo Valley CCS
3200 Meters 10:39.86 Carrie Verdon 11 Campolindo NCS
100 Meter Hurdles 14.12 0.5 Chalese Davis 12 Hercules NCS
300 Meter Hurdles 45.08 Chalese Davis 12 Hercules NCS
4x100 48.28 Deer Valley NCS
4x400 4:01.29 Hercules NCS
High Jump
5' 5" Karlaina Gipson 12 Antelope SJS
5' 5" Jessica Emde 11 Oak Ridge SJS
Pole Vault 13' 4" Katie Zingheim 12 Granite Bay SJS
Long Jump 17' 0" 0.0 Shanique Walker 12 Mt. Pleasant CCS
Triple Jump 40' 0" 0.8 Ciarra Brewer 12 James Logan NCS
Shot Put 41' 4" Rebecca Hammar 12 Buhach Colony SJS
Discus Throw 148' 1" Brianna French 12 Vacaville SJS

What is the most impressive leading mark from both the running and field events?


Anonymous said...

FYI - Anna Maxwell is from San Lorenzo VALLEY in the CCS (not San Lorenzo in the NCS)

Albert Caruana said...

Fixed. Thank you. I should stop copy and pasting before I am fully awake.

Anonymous said...

At the Amador v Granada dual meet on Thursday, there were three girls faster than the leading time you have on there for the 1600.
:Gong from Granada- 5:07.48
:Novell from Granada- 5:09.58
:Pianin from Amador- 5:10.03

A very fast Dual meet mile. exciting to watch.

Albert Caruana said...

I am sure those will be added when the next list is posted.

Is there a link to those results?

Anonymous said...

It is a word document. Im run for Amador so I had access to it.

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