Friday, March 04, 2011

What is the single hardest workout you have ever done?

Interesting thread (titled above) on that you can find at your own risk (adult language).  Do you have a hard workout that you would like to add in the comment section below?


Anonymous said...

just to let you know, there is some R-rated material in that thread, but it's expected in Letsrun with all the trolls.

You should put up a disclaimer or something.

Albert Caruana said...

Good point. I will fix.

Coach Small said...

As with any workout it is the speed, intensity and recovery that make it tough. I have done some tough ones in my day: 3 mile-2 mile-1 mile all sub 5 pace with a 2 min jog recovery. 10k on the track with rotating 1k at 10k pace 2k at half marathon pace was another killer (both half marathon workouts). My toughest ever though was in college and a 1500 workout: 6 x 300 @ 40 seconds. With only a 400 jog in under 3 minutes for recovery you were still in oxygen debt at the start of the next one. If I remember right I couldn't even do a cool down after that one.

Anyways, its not the "toughest" but I thought I share a good one our 800 kids did today. It doesn't seem tough at first but the speed and short recovery sneak up on you. Here it is:

4 x 300 @ goal mile pace + 400
(100 jog recovery)

4 x 200 @ goal 800 pace + 400
(50 jog recovery)

4 x 100 @ goal 400 pace + 400
(30 second recovery)

400 jog recovery in 4 minutes between sets; All 400's @ 60 sec for boys, 65 for girls.

Note: those paces were for the top group, others had different individual goals.

Albert Caruana said...

This is one that I got from Walt Lange looking at his training log for the Mastalir twins.

2x800 @75
2x600 @70
2x400 @65
2x300 @60
2x200 @GO!
Everything was at equal time recovery. The times are just examples to give you an idea of the paces.

Marty said...

I agree with Coach Small about the difficulty of a workout being largely influenced by how hard you run it. That said, I remember in high school we built up to our hardest interval session of the season of 8x880 and 8x440. Don't remember the rest or the times, but it was pretty daunting knowing we were building to that over the course of a month, then actually doing it!

As a young adult, I think my toughest workout was on a hot summer day. At the time, I was running mile races in about 4:50 or so, so a normal 8x400 workout for me would be averaging around 70. So the guys I ran with, er, chased, decided on doing 8x4 on 3:00 starts, followed by 4x3 on 2:00 starts. Instead of my usual 70-second pace, I cranked out the first 4 4s at 64 each, and then the second 4 at 68 each. Then I hit around 45 seconds on each of the 3s. Whew! I think I spent the rest of the day sleeping.

Now as an "older" adult, of course every workout is the "single hardest workout I've ever done" - no, just kidding. I did recently do a 4x1-mile workout with 3:00 rest at about 15 sec per mile faster than my 10k goal pace, and that was pretty hard. But maybe one of the hardest in recent memory was running 1-mile segments of the NCS course with the kids back in November. Ow.

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