Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two-time Olympic gold medalist hired as new Gilroy HS head coach


Photo courtesy of Alvin Harrison


K. Liao said...

Interesting. I had heard prior to this that he was also interested in the open position at Evergreen Valley.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to hire a coach that was found to have used performance enhancing drugs. Alvin was extremely talented and it was a shame to see that he used PEDs. True, he served his ban and we should give people another chance. I just wonder what the parents at Gilroy HS think or if they/the AD are aware. Any thoughts from others?

Anonymous said...

They are aware as stated in the article. He had other issues made public as well when living in Salinas that I don't think should be aired on a forum. People change, and if he preaches that they need to learn from his mistakes than good for him.

The truth is all his medals should have been taken away, I think that would be a better lesson for the kids but that was up to the IAAF.

Many coaches have issues that are not made public, and for that reason I think he is fine as long as he is humble about how a great athlete was swept up into the darkest aspect of our sport by greed, ego and hunger to win at all coasts. These are the opposite of what a high school program should be teaching. T

Being a Head Coach has a lot more to it than just coaching. We'll see how it goes, I wish him the best!

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