Saturday, January 01, 2011

2nd Annual Redwood Empire Eggnog Mile

Congrats to everyone who competed in the cold and rain today! Highlight of the day was, of course, the new WORLD RECORD set by Chloe Hall of Casa Grande! She ran 6:40, to absolutely smash the old record by over 30 seconds!

It was a clean Casa sweep, as Tyler Harwood fought an exciting battle with anther Casa alum, Spencer Hall, to run 5:47 for the win. Hall ran 5:49, to improve on his 5:58.8 third place finish last year.

First off, I have to thank our sponsors:

Clover Stornetta, for donating 50 quarts (that’s 76 THOUSAND calories) of delicious, delicious eggnog

Heart and Sole’s Saucony rep, Juan Escalera, for donating shoes, jackets, and give-aways

Heart and Sole’s Brooks Guru, Anthony Caligaris for donating shoes and give-aways

Heart and Sole’s ASICS and GU rep, Mark Blesius, for donating give-away hats and Chomps

Official Results
(All athletes competed unattached. Affiliations are just for fun, added by me, and are hopefully accurate!)

1 Tyler Harwood, Casa Grande HS 5:47.5
2 Spencer Hall,  UC San Diego, ex-Casa Grande HS 5:49.6
3 Vojta Ripa, Santa Rosa JC, ex-Healdsburg HS 5:53.0
4 Epi Nunez, Piner HS 6:06.5
5 Chloe Hall, Casa Grande HS 6:39.8 NEW WOMEN'S WORLD RECORD
6 Reesey Byers, CSU Sacramento, ex-Santa Rosa HS 6:40.3
7 John Staroba, Empire Runners Club, ex-Montgomery HS  6:51.0
8 Nate Koch, Empire Runners Club, ex-Montgomery HS 7:04.1
9 Harrison Luft, Maria Carrillo HS 7:06.4
10 Harrison ?, ? 7:16.6
11 Jesse Lucia, Santa Rosa JC, ex-Maria Carrillo HS 7:34.6
12 Luis Luna, Piner HS 7:41.2
13 Jonathan Izen, UC Berkeley, ex-Sonoma Academy HS 7:41.9
14 Mark James, Sonoma State University Coach, ex-Santa Rosa JC, ex-El Molino HS 8:03.4
15 Alex Hartz, UC Davis, ex-Maria Carrillo HS 8:07.7
16 Jake Luft, Maria Carrillo HS 8:29.2
17 Ian Inman, Empire Runners, ex-Casa Grande HS 8:45.3
18 Orion James, Mark James’s son 9:21.1
19 Austin Rivas, Maria Carrillo HS 10:28.5
20 Austin Minnick, Casa Grande HS 10:37.6

 Congrats to all who participated! More and better videos to surface in the (hopefully) near future.

-Alex Wolf-Root
Race Director
Redwood Empire Eggnog Mile Record Holder (5:35.9, 2010)


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to start the American Egg Nog Mile Association of America (AENMAA) to keep track of all of the "world records". It seems like there is a new one every week.

President of the AENMAA said...

Rules need to be established first. How many "nogs" are being drunk? If you puke is it a DQ or a penalty lap? (I've heard of both). How many ounces per cup? What cup size? Too many factors here...

As the official self-appointed president of the AENMAA I deem this to NOT be a world record until full rules are submitted to my board for review.

Alex Wolf-Root said...

Well I'm just assuming it's a "World Record" because it's faster than what I saw on Dyestatcal a few weeks ago. Just all about having fun!

The cups were 18 ouncers, but we filled it up nearly the entire way. The idea was that at the very least there would be 12 ounces per cup, though it was for sure more. In the same vein, since this track didn't have a mile start line, we started just over 10 meters back, using exchange zones, so the runners would do a little over a mile. No eggnog 1,600m's for us!

As far as puking: we didn't establish DQ or penalty lap rules like they have in other sorts of races... I didn't want it to get too complicated, and who wants to be DQ'd on their first race of the year?! It's all about fun! Though Chloe did not throw up, so it doesn't really affect her.

Also, everyone drank the same Nog. Regular, no "Lite" or anything like that, all donated thanks to Clover Stornetta!

But really, it's all just about having fun! (I think I said that...)

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