Thursday, January 27, 2011

Steve Prefontaine and the Civil War football game

The following article was relayed to me by former College Park HS and California Berkeley runner Craig Lee. is in the midst of Steve Prefontaine Week in celebration of what would have been Pre's 60th birthday this week (January 25th).  One of the articles posted on the TF site details a charity relay race between Oregon and Oregon St during their Civil War Football game.  It came down to a battle between Steve Prefontaine and Oregon St. freshman Rich Kimball (former Jesuit HS and De La Salle HS runner pictured to the left courtesy of

Kimball was an absolute stud in HS running 4:01.0 (converted 1600m. time) and 8:43.5 (converted 3200m. time).  He's the #1 NCS runner in both race distances on the NCS All Time Track and Field List.

You can find the article of the race here:

Steve Prefontaine and the Civil War football game


Conor Dunn said...

What a cool story. Thanks for sharing.

Albert Caruana said...

I agree. Definitely one that I haven't heard before.

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