Sunday, January 09, 2011

2010 Girls SJS H.S. Cross Country All-Star Team

Only one man's opinion, but here's our XC All-Star Team from last season ... since the Bee never does it any more.
Weighting was roughly 60% for sections, 40% for state - with bonus points for something extraordinary in December,
some consideration for regular season, and tiebreakers going to seniors.   Eight per team.  That's how I do it :)   
Feel free to comment.  Congratulations!Joe Hartman


Anonymous said...

The regular season should be at least 50% of the vote...after-all it is 95% of the season. Could you imagine if NFL only counted All-Stars from stats in the playoffs?

Doesn't seem fair. People get sick or injured in the post season, shouldn't kill their chance at being nominated.

Albert Caruana said...

Fair enough comment. As Joe said, the lists are just one person's opinion.

Who do you feel should be included that wasn't?

mrdgiant said...

I think its a very fair ranking. I might have changed 1 or 2 rankings on first team but overall a great and welcome effort from someone with tons of first hand knowledge. I think regular season should definitely be considered but league finals, sections and state is where everyone should be in top condition and where the real pressure to do well is put on the athletes. And actually I think a couple of athletes who did better during the regular season than in post-season are on the list. Just my $.02. Really appreciate Mr. Hartmann doing this. Thanks.

Albert Caruana said...

Good to hear.

If anybody would like to take a stab at the boy's side, I will be happy to post.

Joe said...

Anoymous, Well it's not 95% of the season. To me postseason is league champs, subs, sections, and state. So that's 4 out of say, 10 or 11 races. Running is not like football where every game counts an equal amount... the only thing that really matters is the end. If you couldn't stay healthy or peaked too early, there was something wrong somewhere. Perfect example is Maria Malone in 2008. She ran in two races total. Section finals and state (17:55) and was All NorCal first team and the SJS Runner of the Year. I know what you're saying, but this is XC.

NCR said...

I do agree that the league and post races mean more but that does not deem the rest of the season pointless. Top athletes that are successful in the regular season should be so in the post season. Just as "something is wrong" if they don't perform in the post season "something is wrong" if they aren't performing in the post season.

If someone is average all season and then pops a great race at section and then back to average at State that is amazing and earns recognition. But that is not as valuable to me as a coach as someone who performs good all year and maybe has one bad race at sections.

I see both sides. And as one poster said, most on the list performed well in the regular season as well.

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