Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 California State Indoor High School Invitational

The meet will run in conjunction with the Run for the Dream meet in Fresno, California on February 26, 2011. There will be a set of running and field events with 3 relays (see below for schedule of events).

There will be eight qualifying meets held on February 5 & 12, 2011 around California for the February 26th meet. There will be four meets in Southern California, two meets in Northern California, one in Central California and one in San Diego. The entry fee at the eight qualifying meets will be determined by the meet director at the specific location.
The list of qualifying meets will be:

The Del Norte HS qualifying meet has been moved to Rancho Bernardo HS.
San Diego Rancho Bernardo HS - Feb. 5, 2011 3pm Click for meet info
Riverside Riverside CC - Feb. 12, 2011 TBA
Los Angeles Cerritos CC - Feb. 12, 2011 TBA
Fresno Kingsburg HS - Feb. 5, 2011 11:00am
Sacramento UC Davis - Feb. 12, 2011 TBA
Bay Area UC Berkeley - Feb. 5, 2011 TBA
Orange County Trabuco Hills HS - Feb. 5, 2011 TBA
LA Valley CSU Northridge - Feb. 5, 2011 TBA

The top 3 in each running event and relays, and the top 2 in all field events will be invited to run in the 2011 California Indoor State High School Invitational on February 26th. All athletes wishing to compete in the 2011 California Indoor State High School Invitational must sign up on the day of the qualifying meet (February 5 & 12, 2010), and pay the entry fee. The cost of entering the 2011 California Indoor State High School Invitational is $25.

EVENTS: (Feb. 5 & 12)
Running: Field:
55m Pole Vault
55mHH High Jump
600y (550m) Long Jump
800m Triple Jump
Mile Shot Put
2 Mile Weight Throw (Invitation Only for Feb. 26th)
4 x 145m (4 x 200m)
4 x 400m
4 x 800m
There will be a performance standard for each event for the athletes who do not qualify for the meet by place. You can view these performance standards in the chart below.

There will be a sign-up table at all 8 regional meets to sign-up athletes who would like to compete in the February 26th meet. All athletes must sign-up on February 5 & 12. There will be no late entry for the February 26th meet.
Athletes will be asked to supply their own implements at both the qualifying meet and Invitational Meet.

The top 3 in every event will receive an award.

For more information please contact:
Rich Benoy - VS Athletics
By email:
By Phone:310.748.7650

You can also get meet updates by following rbenoy1323 on Twitter.


Kevin said...

Most fun meet of the year in my opinion. Chance for some early, high level competition in a low key but extremely cool environment. If you can go, go!

Anonymous said...

so what are the qualification standards?

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