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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Real Time Stanford Invitational Results

Looks like we are going to get lucky with the rain today.  It's been quite a while since it's rained during the Stanford Invitational and if they can avoid the rain during this entire weekend, it will be a miracle.  For now, it's blue skies with a few clouds.

So, any predictions for today?  Who is going to post the fastest time for the boys 3000m.?  Girls' 3000m.?  

Who is going to win the boys' DMR?  Girls' DMR?

Who is somebody flying under the radar right now but after Stanford will be a known commodity?

Courtesy of Kevin Liao:


Anonymous said...

Sam Pons and Luis Luna should come up big in the 3k. I think it's going to be a fast race with lots of PRs. Any idea on the Minimum qualifying time for the faster heat?

Anonymous said...

Real time results not so real time or live for that matter. An hour after the event and no results.

Anonymous said...

I thought Campolindo girls and Bellarmine boys would be better in the DMR.

Anonymous said...

Erin Robinson and Jena Pianin coming up BIG in the 3k! 10:04/10:09. Can we get a conversion? Im thinking this puts them both near the top of the state leader list for the 3200.

Anonymous said...

Dyestat conversion puts them at 10:44.48c and 10:49.78c. This puts them at #3 and #6 in the state for the 3200m.

Anonymous said...

You are going to add just 40 seconds? That is faster than their average pace (that would be 10:00) plus the extra 200 is a big difference in pacing. In the same way a 3:45 is not worth a sub 4 min 1600.

Still great runs but a 10:04 is worth about a 10:50 for 3200.

Albert Caruana said...

According to the THE BIG GOLD BOOK by Track and Field News, here are the conversions from 3k to 3200m for the first two finishers at Stanford.

Erin Robinson: 10:04.20=10:48.7
Jena Pianin: 10:09.17=10:54.1

Anonymous said...

The last lap of the 3200 or 3000 is consistently as fast or faster than the pace set during the race. The race pace for the leader was 20.14 (per 100m) I don' think it's too out of line to say that those two would have kept that pace, but I agree when estimating that adding a few secs is probably okay. 44 secs seems a bit too much that would mean a lsat lap of 1:28 I think. All of their laps were faster than that I believe. It was fast either way, they did a great job as did the others in this fast heat.

Anonymous said...

Online calculator. The debate goes on but this calc is pretty handy for those that want to convert future events.

Ernest Lee said...

The T&F News tables are the gold standard for "converting" 3K times to 3200m or 2 miles, however it should not be used to say what a particular athlete "would have run" and certainly those conversion should not be used to rank 3K performances on a 3200m/2 mile list. Does it give a general indication of what an athlete is capable of? Sure, but that's not the same as actually running a time for a particular distance.

On a separate note, Erin Robinson's last 400 was a 71, her last 800 was 2:33, and her last 1600 was 5:18.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


3k is a great indicator of what you can do but there really is no conversion. There is a different feel to the race completely. You are essentially cutting out 200 meters from the toughest lap of the race.

5:18 for the last 1600 is amazing and is my pick to be the 3200 champ this may! Sub 10:40 is my guess at State.

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