Tuesday, April 14, 2020

2020 Central Coast Section Divisions and changes from '19

You can find next year's divisional placements at these links:
Boys: https://d2o2figo6ddd0g.cloudfront.net/z/6/t3ymt5s3iwdrx5/19-20_CBEDS_for_2020__boys_cross_country.pdf
Girls: https://d2o2figo6ddd0g.cloudfront.net/x/4/6ctur9yd0bx3qq/19-20_CBEDS_for_2020__girls_cross_country.pdf

The changes from 2019 are as follows:
Prospect and Overfelt moved to Division II from Division III
King City, Gunderson, and Santa Cruz moved to Division III from Division IV
Downtown College Prep moved up to Division IV from Division V

Soledad moved up to Division II from Division III
King City and Seaside moved up to Division III from Division IV
Downtown College Prep moved up to Division IV from Division V


Anonymous said...

Why CCS does go up to enrollment of 600 in D5 is beyond me. They have a hard time filling the division as is & would be inline with the state for at least one division.

If they want equal divisions takenout teams that have been incomplete at least 3 of the last 4 years and rebalance with 20-ish teams per division. Why does this section make things harder than it needs to be?

Albert Caruana said...

You can clearly see by the divisions that CCS tries to have an equal amount of teams in each division. The divisions as they are don't do CCS teams a favor at the state meet. I would say conservatively 75% of the CCS teams run against much larger schools at the state meet based on the current divisional breakdowns.

Anonymous said...

FYI, SJS uses 600 as their D5 limit, as has North Coast, Southern and San Diego sections.

I think what hurts CCS at the state level (and possibly at the section level with recent smaller fields in D3 and D4) is the even balancing of all the remaining schools across D1-D4. The Division concept is somewhat outdated for the other sports that now use competitive equity and "Open" divisions for their playoffs. For Cross Country CCS might be better served with a skewed percentage like SJS or a hybrid model of D1 and D5 by enrollment and D2-D4 by percents (even or skewed) of the remaining. This type of change might improve overall section performance in the various Divisions at State...which in turn could get more State spots allocated to CCS and open more opportunities for schools from ALL leagues in the Section get to State.

Hybrid Example
D1 Enrollment greater that 2200 and D5 600 or smaller
D2 30% of remaining, D3-35 % of remaining, D4-35% of remaining

SJS Divisions:
Division V will be capped at 600. The other four divisions (Divisions I-IV) will be divided by enrollment
among all schools larger than 600. Each division will be divided as a percentage of total schools in the
four divisions. Division I - 20 percent; Division II - 25 percent; Division III - 25 percent; Division IV - 30

Anonymous said...

I am guessing there will be no school or sports for the rest of 2020. There’s even talk of 2022 if no vaccine is found. While the economy may open slowly in stages schools and sports will be last.

Anonymous said...

The governor said today that IF schools do return in the fall it will likely be on a rotating shifts. No way schools can do sports this way. I’m guessing if somehow we are back this fall don’t count on an XC season.

Albert Caruana said...

I have heard the same about the rotating shifts and can that really help? This is a strange time indeed.

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