Monday, April 13, 2020

Webinar Series with special running guests starting today at 3:30pm

A reminder that our special guest today is Newbury Park senior Jace Aschbrenner. Sign up below.

The webinar series is FREE and hosted by Liberty coach Eric Morford.

And speaking of the guest lineup this week all at 3:30pm PST:
4/13 Monday: Craig Engels (Professional runner-1:44.68/3:34.04/3:51.60)
4/14 Tuesday: Jace Aschbrenner (Newbury Park senior runner 4:18.85/9:05.55/14:53.7 Woodward)
4/15 Wednesday: None
4/16 Thursday: Fiona Max (4:27.27-1500/9:43.91 3000)
& Isabel Max (2:12.40 800/4:43.57 1500)
4/17 Friday: Avery Bartlett (Georgia Tech 1:47.54/3:44.88)

If you want to join the webinar today or on any of the other days, you can sign up at this LINK. You can listen to the guest speakers, ask questions and some of you will be able to ask your questions live on screen.

Please share the above info with your teammates and friends.

Here is the meeting from today

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