Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Redwood Empire Running

Before 2008, we used to compete at the NCS Class A meet and my go-to site for athletes that competed at the meet was run by statistician extraordinaire, Jim Crowhurst. He kept stats for the Redwood Empire area which were not as easy to find, especially in the 90s and early 00s. Jim has since had to move to a new site which you can find at

Recently, Jim has been doing a deep dive into the history of certain events including and his first event was the high jump which includes 5'11" high jumper Mindi Wiley (in the photo). You can check that out at this link:

He's now posted the history of 1600 in the Redwood Empire and what an awesome group of runners! I would put that group up against any group of any area in California. Check it out.


Michael Lucid said...

Jim Crowhurst is a treasure in the North Bay for all fans of XC and T/F. When my son was competing, in T/F, I was on Jim's site every Thursday to get the results from the Wednesday meets and to see how fast everyone had run and where my son stood in the rankings.

More recently, I've been looking in daily to RER help pass the time and to read the new posts. Thanks Jim and thank you Albert for letting folks know about RER.

Robyn Berry said...

I opened the document and couldn't stop reading. Over an hour later, I was still on the girls 1,600 history. Beware, it's like a book you can't put down. The girls 1,600 history is amazing. This is a treasure and gift to the sport.

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