Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dublin Distance Fiesta

Per meet director, Chris Williams:
Some fun facts about this years version - we broke all of our entry records:
  • 118 high schools attending (101 previous record)
  • 2633 student athletes entered (2334 previous)
  • 3649 events entered (3178 previous)
Finally, all of our information can be found at 

I will post a preview of the meet on Thursday and will focus on the fastest heats in each event. If you have anything you want to discuss about the meet, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

For now, you can check out all the heats listed in order and athletes are listed in each heat by alphebetical order.

An unofficial poll, what is the most loaded event at the DDF?
Girls 1600m?
Boys 1600m?
Girls 800m?
Boys 800m?
Girls 3200m?
Boys 3200m?

The world record for most boys running sub 5 minutes for the 1600 was set last year at the Arroyo HS/APU Meet of Champions with 405 boys dipping under the mark. Could this year's Dublin Distance Fiesta challenge that mark?


Anonymous said...

Without even a doubt, most loaded race is the final Boys 3200. That is a "who's who" of elite distance runners from Northern California and beyond. That will be one helluva race.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The final boys 3200 heat is loaded and will be fun to watch. The heat before that one is also one to watch with several freshman and sophomores who should be dominate runners the next couple years!

Anonymous said...

Still no entries released yet. This meet is going downhill. Last year there was constant timing issues and missed results. This year you don’t even know who’s competing until the last minute. Next year we won’t be attending.

Dan T. said...

The Sombrero 3,200 is must see. Anderson and Strangio in their only DDF races will clearly be looking to make a statement and with Middleton-Pearson, Gough, etc., in the heat, somebody is going to be looking to show they belong with the top two. Looking forward to covering it and talking to some of the key players throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

I was anonymous 220. I was referring to the Saint Francis invitational not this meet. Sorry I posted under the wrong thread.

Anonymous said...

Dan, Liam is listed in the 33rd heat of the 800.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:20
I attend a ton of meets and the DDF is respected by every coach I know and looked forward to by almost all the competitors. All the information is out (most meets don't post heat sheets until a day or two before the meet, if they ever post them at all). Despite about 12 hours straight of heat after heat, they are one of few meets that keep pretty damn close to their posted schedules.
-Entries have been released
-The meet has more schools, participants and heats than ever
-If you don't know how to read a heat sheet, maybe you shouldn't go, all the information as to who is competing is right there for you.

I never thought there would be Cross Country trolls, but there you go.

Anonymous said...


Read the post from 6:11.

Anonymous said...

@2:20. Your comment about SF Invitational is a bit much. Heat sheets are out. It's Wednesday. It's fine. http://www.sfhsinvitational.com/2019%20sfi%20performance%20list.pdf

Anonymous said...

Going to be a massive 3200 boys final...

Anonymous said...

Any idea what time the final 3200 will be ran? After 3:00? 6:00? 9:00? Does anyone remember from last year?

Albert Caruana said...

Event schedule link:

Anonymous said...

@10:19 have you ever coached at a public school and tried to get a check in three days from ASB? Yeah, not going to happen. Not only that you have parents waiting then don’t get in?

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