Friday, March 15, 2019

Dublin Distance Fiesta Time Schedule and Meet Records

Predictions anyone? Who will win the sombrero (fastest) heats for each event? What will be the winning time? Will there be any new meet records? Who will have the biggest kick? Biggest surprise winner in any event? Who is a lock to win their event? What else?

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Anonymous said...

W1600 - Cate Joaquin 5:01
M1600 - Jeremiah Rasmussen 4:18

W800 - Charlotte Tomkinson 2:12.5
M800 - Chase Gordon 1:58.2

W3200 - Colleen McCandless 10:34.3
M3200 - Liam Anderson - Under 8:56.07MR

WDMR - Menlo 12:13
MDMR - Foothill Tech 10:39

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