Monday, December 23, 2019

2019 State Meet Fantasy

The following was posted by Jesuit coach Walt Lange in regard to the boy's races at the state meet.

The much anticipated 2019 State Meet Fantasy has been uploaded here:
The annual Fantasy envisions a state meet with teams in divisions based purely on enrollment. Division placement at the Section meets is irrelevant. This is the system used by most Sections at their own level but applied to the State meet. The Clovis Invitational at Woodward Park employed the system in 2019.

Just some of the changes with this system:

Newbury Park HS moves up a division.
Loyola HS moves up a division and drops 3 places.
Ridgeview HS moves up a division and drops 4 places.
Central HS in the Central Section moves up two divisions and drops 11 places.
Lowell HS moves up 3 divisions and drops 13 places.

Agoura HS moves up 1 division, drops 5 places.
Royal: up 1, down 7.
Chico: up 1, down 8.
Moorpark: up 1, down 7
Arroyo, up 1, down 6.

Willow Glen: down 1, up 8, now on the podium
Sir Francis Drake, up 1, down 1 and off the podium
Laguna Beach up 3 and on the podium

The game has some flaws—it’s based on team times, not all divisions are the same size (24,24,24, then 23,23).

Not surprisingly, some sections place significantly better in the Fantasy version than in the Reality version.

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Anonymous said...

Is it too early to figure out how many spots each Section's divisions gets at next state meet?

Does anyone know the formula, b/c the cif state meet xc guide alludes to a formula but no mention to what it is.

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