Tuesday, December 03, 2019

California XC State Meet All-Time Podium teams (boys and girls)

Check out every team that has made it to the podium (top 3 in any division) since the first California state cross country meet in 1987. Two NCS teams are at the top of the girls' list while a SJS team is near the top for the boys.

https://ca.milesplit.com/articles/272072-ca-state-meet-all-time-podium-teams-through-19-b-g (photo to the left is the 2019 Bellarmine boys who just finished in 3rd place this past Saturday).


Anonymous said...

I am always curious why 3rd place is a podium spot in track. Every other CIF sport it is only two.

Anonymous said...

This is Cross Country. The podium at CIF Track meet is 6, which I believe is true for individual sports. In the Olympics they give three medals, but maybe they should follow the CIF model and only give Gold and Silver?

Albert Caruana said...

I believe in track, only the top two teams get a trophy which never made sense to me considering how many trophies are handed out in XC.

Dan T said...

At last year's CIF Track Meet, I interviewed Matt Strangio and Chase Gordon of Jesuit. With Matt winning the 1,600, getting third in the 3,200 and Chase getting 2nd in the 800, they finished as the 3rd team and were only slightly disappointed not to get anything.

Anonymous said...

@1:18. What are you talking about?

Track with no divisions gets two trophies for teams. XC with 5 divisions gives 15.

Every CIF team sport gives trophies for top 2. Why is XC three? Perhaps Peter Breeer on the CIF board can explain?

pmccrystle said...

In track, CCS gives team trophies for top 4 spots, and medals to top 6. That is definitive because since i've been head coach we've been 3rd three times and 4th once, and those trophies are on the window sill in my classroom at Bellarmine!

Anonymous said...

At the STATE level, CIF is only two trophies. That is what the comment is referring to I believe.

pmccrystle said...

@11:45: In Cross Country? I am in my classroom looking at this year's CIF 3rd place DI boy's XC trophy--but perhaps this is semantics, as our award is a plaque, not a trophy...but we did get to go on the podium and receive the award and medals.

Anonymous said...


At the STATE level:

Cross Country recognizes the top 3 teams with awards.

Track & Field & every other sport recognizes the top 2 teams.

The question is, why does cross country get more team awards than the other sports?

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