Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016 SJS Distance State Meet Contenders

As with NCS and CCS, 3 qualify to the CA state Track and Field meet unless you make the 2016 At-Large Time Standards.  It's very possible I could have missed an athlete or two so please chime in below on those athletes.  Additional comments?

Girls 800m.
The favorite:  Ariane Arndt St. Francis Sac
Threats: Kendall Derry Bella Vista, Kara Smith Franklin, Delaney Rasmussen Vista del Lago
Wildcards: Kendall Herod Cosumnes Oak, Megan Auernig Rio Americano, Erika Wolf Nevada Union, Adrien York Armijo

Boys 800m.
The favorite: Willie Hall Davis
Threats: Braeden Kraft Del Campo, Thomas Kruetzfeldt Sonora, Alex Vargas Atwater
Wildcards: Xavier Weaver Franklin, Derek Dokter Sheldon, Brayden Leach Roseville, Austin Sommers Elk Grove

Girls 1600m.
The favorite:  Kendall Derry Bella Vista
Threats: Olivia O'Keeffe Davis, Abigail Fisk Davis, Erika Wolf Nevada Union, Angela Dipentino Woodcreek
Wildcards: Fiona O'Keeffe Davis, Sofia Castiglione Davis, Cassi Land Sonora, Kathryn Loken Del Campo

Boys 1600m.
The favorite: Ben Roberts Davis
Threats: Daniel Ambriz Merced, Luis Grijalva Armijo, Kellen Browning Davis
Wildcards: Sean Kurdy Jesuit, Alec Hastings Tokay, Luke Bricca Oak Ridge, Collin De Julio Vista del Lago, Andrew Clusserath Rocklin

Girls 3200m.
The favorite:  Fiona O'Keeffe Davis
Threats: Cassi Land Sonora, Sofia Castiglioni Davis, Kathryn Loken Del Campo, Sarah Anderson Vista del Lago
Wildcards: Angela Dipentino Woodcreek, Olivia O'Keeffe Davis, Cessair McKinney Bella Vista, Nora Pizzella Nevada Union, Haley Adel Kennedy, Annie Ware Rio Americano

Boys 3200m.
The favorite: Michael Vernau Davis
Threats: Sean Kurdy Jesuit, Ben Holland Jesuit, Luis Grijalva Armijo
Wildcards: Logan Taggart Oakmont, Remington Breeze Vista del Lago, Ben Roberts Davis, Noah Wallace Rio Americano, Tre Lockwood Granite Bay


Bill said...

Have to ask a follow-up question about these rankings:

Are these based on what the fastest expected times are, or who will compete in which events when section finals come up? Because I don't think you can use both of these criteria.

The reason I ask, is that Fiona O'Keeffe is listed as a wildcard in the 1600 with a 4:45(!). If you don't think she is going to double at sections then I would just list her as favorite in the 3200, and no mention of her in the 1600. If you are going to list her in 1600 then she has to be the favorite as her time from last year is 12 secs faster than Kendall Derry. (Even if she chose not to double last year)

Anonymous said...

These are all best guesses based on times last year and cross country improvements. Alberto has no way to account for doubles. My son was listed in the 1600 but not the 3200. Every 3200 he ran last season was after a 1600, or 800.

Albert Caruana said...

These lists are just a starting point in the season. Some runners will choose to focus on a different distance event than what is posted above. Some will double and some won't which is the reason some very good runners are only listed as wild cards. If there are runners that should be added, please let me know.

Bill said...

Well if it is based on time then I would list O'Keeffe as the favorite in the 1600 then.

Could also add Annie Ware from Placer as a wildcard in the 3200. (Sub 18:00 at State XC champs)

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks a lot Bill. I added Annie to the 3200 list. As for Fiona, I think it's unlikely she runs the 1600 at SJS which is why she is not listed as a favorite despite her time. Based on her time, I think she should be listed as a wildcard just in case things change in the spring.

Anonymous said...

With her injury my guess is she won't be running this spring at all and will be resting and rehabbing for college. She's pretty maxed out.

Anonymous said...

Annie Ware is from Rio Americano not Placer.

Anonymous said...

@3:17--O'Keeffe is a competitor! She won't let an injury in cross-country stop her from competing with the best in the state in track this spring. She's definitely not "maxed out"; she's just getting started. I happen to know that she is getting much better and is nearing recovery. Expect to see her in contention for a state title in June and a national title at Brooks.

Albert Caruana said...

I agree with that comment. I think she just needed the time to recover and should be ready to go by at least mid season this coming track season. I think she has been coached very well and she is definitely not over raced. This is also potentially her last season that she will race wit her sister and I am sure she would love to take another crack or two at getting a sub 10 3200.

Anonymous said...

It's Haley Adel, not Adel Haley. (3200) Thanks for the list. Interesting.

It would be lovely to see the phenomenal Fiona run. But if she needs to rest, so be it. Good luck, Fiona.

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