Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sonoma County high school track athletes face graduation conflict

As we hit May, championship track season looms as well as proms and graduation conflicts. It happens every year when high school students have to choose between multiple events. It's not always an easy decision as students can be pulled in different directions by friends, family, coaches etc. I think schools can be more proactive about avoiding such conflicts but that is definitely not always the case. Have you had to make such a decision? What led you to your decision? What would you do if you had to choose between competing at the state meet and graduation? Section meet and the prom?

Here is an article from Friday's Santa Rosa Press Democrat that talks about choices that have had to be made by current and former Sonoma County athletes:


Anonymous said...

Senior year I gave up prom, senior beach day, and a senior class trip to Disneyland to focus on track (for what it's worth though I went to prom junior year). Also senior year I didn't go to a cousin's wedding I was invited to (big race that day) and I very, very rarely vacationed in high school because of my priority being track. I don't regret any of this because it got me to where I am today.

My take on it is, if you're a serious athlete you'd choose the state meet. If you're not, go to a ceremony. Either way you're still graduating.

Anonymous said...

You could always quit track and play LAX with your friends!

Andy Chan said...

Over my coaching career at Sacred Heart Cathedral we have had several instances of conflicts between graduation and the CCS Trials meet. The most memorable one for me came in 2010, when two of our athletes chose to skip graduation for the meet. It broke my heart when we dropped the baton in the 4X1. But they came back to qualify for CCS Finals in the 4X4 so it was all good. After the meet, on the warm-up field in Gilroy, we had our own graduation ceremony for the two seniors -

Anonymous said...

I would choose track every time. But that is me.

I know some who they are the first ever in their family to graduate high school. For them it is more than a ceremony but a special moment for their family. It is more for mom and dad and grandparents and siblings then about them.

For me, graduating high school (and college for that matter) was a boring pointless ceremony. I enjoyed the experience of the championship meets more than walking across a stage for a handshake and waiting for kids I don't know to do the same.

I love the Sacred Heart story. That was probably more memorable and meaningful than the real HS graduation.

Albert Caruana said...

I know the Burlingame principal personally brought a diploma and presented it to a Burlingame athlete at the CCS meet (when it was in Gilroy) a few years ago. That is an administrator that gets it.

Coach Tim said...

Our graduation always conflicts with CCS Finals, and we've had athletes go both ways. I've found that the athletes almost always choose the meet, while the parents are the ones pushing the other way.

Our best moment was the same year as Andy Chan's, 2010. We had two throwers skip graduation for the meet. Both ended up qualifying for the State Championships. They brought their caps and gowns with them, and we got pictures after the meet was over.

Personally, I would have chosen to race over graduation or prom.

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