Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fiona O'Keeffe Davis HS (SJS) 10:00.85 at SJS Master Meet

10:00.85 is the 3rd fastest time in the nation this year as well as the 6th fastest time in state history. It is not however a school record for Davis HS. That mark still belongs to Laurynne Chetelat who ran 9:52.51 at the 2008 CA state meet finishing 2nd behind Jordan Hasay's 9:52.13. The fastest time in CA history belongs to Kim Mortensen Thousand Oaks HS (9:48.59 1996).

Photo courtesy of Mike Finnerty.


GHPADD said...

Sorry to say, I do not care what her time "is not"...those were girls of their time and not of this time. Fiona's time is of now, was a great solo effort (read time trial run) and places her among the elite High School 3200 runners. We need to pay more respect to the here and now of our youth athletes, and honor that effort, instead of always including he/she ran great...but!!! Lets just leave it at he/she had a great race and deserves the accolades for their effort.

Fiona...ran an outstanding race, outstanding time, unbelievable effort and now has the top time in the country. Nothing more needs to be included in this statement, as Fiona said it all on the track!

GHPADD said...

Correction to my earlier post...has ONE of the fastest times in the country.

You Mad Bro? said...

Not sure why you are mad. It is an incredible time and it is amazing and a bit surprising where it falls in school and state history. How many girls run 10:00 and not get a school record? Crazy right?

That said I don't understand why someone like this needs to crush a double like this the week before state. I get the mile because she's dropping it. But why not just comfortably get the win and the auto in the 3200. She is going to have her hands full at state. I'm sure she'll be fine and is the favorite to win. I just don't understand why.

Anonymous said...

Fiona did not double in Masters. She "just" ran the 3200. Many believe she can go well under 10 if she has competition. For the first time in her high school track career, she is healthy going into state. This shows her two XC state titles are no flukes.

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