Sunday, May 03, 2015

Northern California Invitational Results

Warren Eaton Relays Results (NEW)
King City Invitational Results
Mt. Pleasant Invitational Results
Sacramento Meet of Champions Results

Road Race
Pacific THERx 5k4Play Results (you may recognize some of the names in the results)

More to come as I find them...


Anonymous said...

(in the 5k) that can't be right- an 83 year old ran 17:32 for 5K? if it is, that's probably the most amazing performance I've ever heard of.

Albert Caruana said...

That must be a mistake as in somebody ran with his bib #.

Also impressive and may not be a mistake, a 52 year old woman ran 16:58.

Anonymous said...

jesus criminy albert!

Anonymous said...

Carondalet team showing some speed in the relays!

Anonymous said...

King City invitational was the 71st. Holy Cow... That has to be one of the oldest in CA right?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the NCS runners are not listed in the Sacramento Meet of Champions Results on

hank said...

They will eventually show up on They are actually there but they are "greyed" until the folks add the teams in on their calendars (which takes some time). A way this can be eliminated is if the "host" of the meet is a site-supporter and THEY are the ones that add the results to Site supporters get priority for being uploaded. But what happens is an over zealous coach, parent, athlete finds the results online and they try to upload them (and they are NOT Site Supporters) so their priority is at the bottom of the totem pole (remember, Ath.Net is a Nation wide site so they play to the folks that pay FIRST, then to everyone else). This is why I try to get the meet host to:

1) Use Ath.Net for their meet admin instead of DA, Easy Meets, EPI or any other site
2) Pay the $70 a year (and this includes XC)
3) Let the Meet Host upload the results so that THEY get the attention first (above mom & pop)

So does it sound like I LOVE Ath.Net...? You bet! I have nothing to do with them or their success but push them when/where I can for they are great (at least for us Site Supporters) and they have saved ME lots of time with the stats they provide AND if everyone would use them, questions like the one above would not exist (for the results would already be loaded for EVERYONE). My 2 cents anyway.


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