Monday, May 25, 2015

Northern California Section Entries

North Coast Section

Sac-Joaquin Section

San Francisco Section
Finals Entries Link

I will post the rest as they are made public.


Anonymous said...

How many qualify out of CCS and NCS to state?

Anonymous said...

CIF Southern 6
CIF Central 3
CIF Central Coast 3
CIF North Coast 3
CIF Los Angeles 3
CIF San Diego 3
CIF Sac-Joaquin 3
CIF Northern 1
CIF San Francisco 1
CIF Oakland 1

Steve Palladino said...

Will there be a online source with heat assignments (preferably with seed times)?

Anonymous said...


Here is the performance list based on the area meets:

I'm sure the heats sheets will be up later in the week.

Unknown said...

Any heat sheets for the ncs meet of champions?

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